XCUBED develops custom interactive software for the digital terrestrial television starting from the specific customer requirements, managing the entire project life-cycle consisting in analysis, design, development and after sales customer assistance. Communications and marketing needs are emphasized by suitable architectural and grahpic choices. Applications can be easily integrated to preexistent data already available on other platforms (ex. web).

Some products however have been sellf developed by XCUBED to answer to the the most frequent broadcasters' needs and they are currently ready to sell.

Every software is released according to company quality standards summed up in the following list:

  • high GUI usability resulting form specific studies focused on the interaction models of the television devices
  • reduced application size in order to allow bandwidth saving and reduced broadcasting costs
  • extensive portability tests on all the main set top boxes available on the market
  • high performance software entirely coded without the aid of any authoring-tool
  • proprietary software libraries of advanced widgets constantly updated
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Digital Terrestrial Television (DVB-T) is an innovative television broadcast system in digital format: it allows to receive digital signal with the standard analogic antenna. The use is simple and almost completely free.
In order to use this new technology it's only required an interactive set top box (MHP® enabled) plugged to the analogic antenna and to the television with SCART cable (the same type of the blue-ray reader) and, to enable the interactive features, also to the telephone cable (required by the integrated 56K modem). Digital terrestrial television is considered an essential stage in the progress of television technology. According to European laws, before 2012th DTT will became the standard broadcasting sysem in all countries.

DVB-J software designed and developed by XCUBED are completely MHP®-compliants.