A creative
and dynamic network
born with the new technologies
and ready to make them evolve.

Under XCUBED trademark, exclusively owned by the company XCUBED s.r.l., has been built since year 2005th a network made up of the most established professionals on the international market.

The distinctive trait of every human resource that cooperates with our team is a long-term experience and and a wide competence on technical and marketing issues related to the development of solutions and product based on television platform and web market.

Our company has successfully tested an organization model that allows the use of some the best competences offered in the different fields of the ICT market assuring meanwhile a remarkable saving on internal costs that reflects on our competitive prices for the customer.

Some good reasons to entrust to us the creation of your business instruments:

  • Equal or superior software quality compared to the products delivered by the most established international players involved in development of DVB-J and web applications. Our active service team consists of the most recognized European professionals in position to develop code of real technical excellence. Our human resources are costantly in touch with the most established international ICT players (broadcasters, web agencies and telco), they have a specific know-how acquired in several years of research and development and they keep costantly their competences up-to-date on the most innovative technologies
  • Reduced and competitive prices allowed by the characteristic company organization. Clear estimates for every activity than includes design, development, maintainance(evolutive/adaptive) and assistance.
  • Exclusive partner of well-established players involved in digital contents distribution on different media
  • XCUBED has just founded and focused its competences and corporate image on the processing of extremely varied contents intended for different platforms and heterogeneous audience
Phone number
XCUBED s.r.l.
Registered office:
piazza Trento e Trieste 2, Busto A. 21052 (VA) IT

WEB services

Company project started since 2005th in occasion of an international congress concerning new technologies and it was initially identified by the codename "Vie en Rose". The first company mission initially scheduled the development of products and services related to the rising digital terrestrial television; as a result of the usual evolution and integration of different platforms our offer was extend including web and mobile also.